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Taiwan Control Yuan to audit culture ministry over funding concerns

Control Yuan claims over NT$10 billion monopolized by handful of contractors

The Taiwan Control Yuan. (CNA photo)

The Taiwan Control Yuan. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Control Yuan approved an audit on Monday (Jan. 22) for the Ministry of Culture (MOC) because its public art budget has been monopolized by a handful of contractors.

The Control Yuan, responsible for audits and impeachment, said that in the past 25 years of promoting public art projects, the budget has exceeded NT$10 billion (US$319 million), per CNA.

It said the MOC did not verify its list of experts and scholars involved in public art construction, failed to include violating companies and committee members in the procurement blacklist, and failed in its duties.

In response, the MOC in a press release clarified that public art has been promoted for 30 years, per RTI. As one of Taiwan’s longest-running public policies, it will inevitably face complex and intricate problems, the ministry said.

As for the alleged illegal activities by businesses obtaining contracts through improper means and monopolizing the market, besides undergoing judicial investigations, the MOC says it has already requested that contractor information be disclosed in project proposals and application information to prevent such behavior.

The MOC said through extensive discussions at meetings, it aims to find solutions and better direction in the future.