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Taipei Fubon Bank awarded for supporting sustainability-minded vendors

In addition to socially responsible purchasing actions, Fubon Bank encourages employees to 'go green’ in their daily lives

Emily Yang (left), head of Taipei Fubon Bank's Corporate Sustainability Department, received the "Buying Power” procurement award ...

Emily Yang (left), head of Taipei Fubon Bank's Corporate Sustainability Department, received the "Buying Power” procurement award ...

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — On Dec. 15, the Ministry of Economic Affairs Small and Medium Enterprise and Startup Administration presented Taipei Fubon Bank with a "Buying Power” procurement award for its commitment to purchasing products from social enterprises that support sustainability and the environment.

The award honors Taipei Fubon Bank’s support of United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 12 (SDG 12). Over the past year, the bank has supported social enterprises through purchasing actions that exceeded NT$10 million (US$300,000).

Climate change and global warming are challenges facing the entire world. In addition to achieving net-zero carbon reduction goals for the financial industry, Taipei Fubon Bank organized an employee-based green action program.

The voluntary program for employees promotes United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), such as opening digital accounts, choosing electronic bill payment, environmentally friendly tableware, conserving water and electricity, green energy and low-carbon home appliances, a vegetarian diet, sharing transportation, walking, weight loss, and other carbon reduction activities.

The six-month event attracted nearly 4,000 Taipei Fubon Bank employees, who are practicing sustainability in their daily lives. To reward employees who participated in "Fubon Green Action," a sustainability party was held on Friday (Dec. 15), which invited 100 participants to Taiwan's first privately-built green office building, Fu'an Memorial Hall. The event was catered by Muzentsao (木人艸) using local, seasonal ingredients.

The founder of Bettermilk, Kung Chien-chia (龔建嘉), was also invited to talk about green sustainability and the common good. His company has been supported by the bank’s commitment to connecting social enterprises with small farmers and, in this case, offering traceability in fresh milk.

Taipei Fubon Bank also supported a social enterprise after Typhoon Morakot, helping disabled and disadvantaged people find local employment. These efforts culminated in a special small farmer “pop-up” event. Four stalls were operated for 16 hours, with agricultural products sold and a total turnover of NT$400,000, demonstrating the power of sustainable consumption.

Taipei Fubon Bank has actively promoted ESG activities and improved corporate governance, with a renewed focus on environmental and socially responsible causes. It also encourages employees to engage with non-profit organizations and take up causes to promote sustainability and ESG in everyday life.