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Taipei Fubon Bank hosts camps for students with special needs

Taipei Fubon Bank, Taipei Songshan Vocational School of Commerce and Home Economics host financial camps for special needs students

Taipei Fubon Bank holds financial camp for students with special needs. (Taipei Fubon Bank photo)

Taipei Fubon Bank holds financial camp for students with special needs. (Taipei Fubon Bank photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) —Taipei Fubon Bank worked with the Taipei Municipal Songshan High School of Commerce and Home Economics Vocational High School to host three education camps for students with disabilities to improve their financial literacy.

The focus of the camp was to help young people with special needs to instill healthy money management habits. The first camp activity was held on Saturday (Dec. 16), with speakers explaining financial knowledge and providing examples of financial sustainability.

Students not only listened carefully but also had the chance to play board games to reinforce their accounting knowledge. All camp activities were conducted in a fun and interactive way, setting a good example for financial education on local campuses.

Taipei City Department of Education Special Education Director Guan Yue-lan (官月蘭) said the rapid development of the financial industry has led to new risks while increasing the convenience of financial services. The importance of financial education is increasing day by day, especially for people with physical and mental disabilities.

Special needs students typically have fewer opportunities to use financial resources as well as access related information when compared to other students. Therefore, they may need more knowledge about money management.

Fortunately, Taipei Fubon Bank and the Taipei Municipal Songshan High School of Commerce and Home Economics Vocational High School are providing physically and mentally challenged students with another channel for receiving financial information to bring about positive change. All students and teachers who participated in the camps believed that course content was explained in an easy-to-understand manner, providing a lot of new knowledge and inspiration.

Combining financial education with board games, students could be inspired to think about asset allocation, diversify risks, and make appropriate investment decisions. Students also learned about how to make use of their limited resources wisely in future real-life scenarios to achieve financial management goals and avoid traps such as financial fraud.

Teachers and students expressed their hope that after the event, Taipei Fubon Bank can organize more financial education activities from time to time to provide the students with a learning experience that is much different from their school education.

Taipei Fubon Bank has long been committed to the goal of improving financial literacy for all disadvantaged groups in the community, such as hearing-impaired, visually impaired, elderly, physically challenged, or mentally challenged students. Each activity emphasizes team-oriented activities or training, hoping to provide more ways for marginalized groups to acquire financial knowledge.

Over the past 25 years, more than 7,100 young people have participated in Taipei Fubon’s financial management camps. At the end of December, it will cooperate with PaGamO to launch an online version of its educational program, potentially offering a lively and interesting online financial course to more than 30,000 students in the Hualien and Changhua areas.

Taipei Fubon Bank's dedication to promoting financial education to students with special needs was recognized at the 16th Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Award, Social Inclusion Leadership Award, the 2023 Financial Supervisory Commission’s annual “Outstanding Financial Education,” and the 7th PwC Sustainability Impact Awards.

In the future, Taipei Fubon Bank will encourage more schools to participate in camp activities of this kind. It will also continue carrying out such education with innovative thinking, carrying forward the concept of positivity, and making achievements possible. Taipei Fubon Bank is also committed to helping all related industries work with diverse social groups to solve problems and jointly achieve the goal of sustainable development.