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Taiwan Army special forces begin 11-day exercise

Drills cover air assault, counterattack, close-quarter combat operations

Army special forces pile out of Blackhawk helicopter. (Facebook, Army Special Operations Command photo)

Army special forces pile out of Blackhawk helicopter. (Facebook, Army Special Operations Command photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Army Special Operations Command kicked off an 11-day tactical training exercise on Tuesday (Dec. 5) near Taichung.

The command’s fourth battalion will perform drills covering airborne assaults, counterattack operations, protection of key targets, and close-quarter combat, to bolster their capabilities, according to Youth Daily News.

Early Tuesday morning, troops marched to a predesignated location and after conducting surveillance, and set up command posts. Platoon leaders then gathered essential personnel to conduct mission briefings, and devised response plans for anticipated combat scenarios.

Additionally, a group of troops went to the Army’s Hsingshe Base and coordinated with Apache and Blackhawk helicopter personnel to conduct ground-air training exercises. During these drills, soldiers used wireless communications and guided the Apache helicopters to carry out simulated air strikes.

During an air assault mission, a six-member team, boarded Blackhawk helicopters and were taken to a landing site where they were deployed to secure the area. They quickly set up a defensive perimeter and conducted surveillance.

The exercise comes as Taiwan is bolstering its combat readiness and defensive capabilities to counter a potential Chinese attack. Last week, the Navy's 151st Fleet and the Marine Corps conducted an amphibious landing exercise at Kaohsiung’s Sizihwan Beach, simulating a Chinese amphibious assault.

The drill served as a reference for the future deployment of Taiwan's forces and how to best counter enemy troops.