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Suspect in shooting death of 43-year-old man arrested in south Taiwan

Gunman was apprehended by police in Tainan's Syuejia District on Sunday morning

Police investigate the site of a shooting in Tainan, Dec. 1. 

Police investigate the site of a shooting in Tainan, Dec. 1.  (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Three suspects were arrested in Tainan on Sunday (Dec. 3) in connection to the shooting and murder of a 43-year-old man surnamed Huang (黃), which occurred on Friday (Dec. 1).

After an investigation following Huang’s death on Friday, police officers identified several witnesses and potential suspects in the case, making 10 arrests over 24 hours. The primary suspect evaded police but was found and arrested on Sunday morning in Tainan’s Syuejia District, reported UDN.

The primary suspect in Huang’s death is a man surnamed Zhuang (莊), who was arrested along with two accomplices. A police captain in Tainan reportedly spotted Zhuang on a scooter Sunday morning in Syuajia and apprehended him.

Huang’s death occurred in his rural residence on Friday evening during a gathering with many people present. It is believed he was an innocent bystander in a dispute between a man surnamed Tu (凃) and a woman surnamed Cheng (鄭).

In a dispute initiated by Cheng, Zhuang reportedly pulled a gun and fired a single shot which killed Huang, per UDN. It is unclear from reports if Zhuang accidentally discharged his handgun, or if physical interference caused his shot to hit Huang.

The bullet struck Huang in the face and he quickly died from the injury. Most of the crowd present at Huang’s residence dispersed immediately after the shooting.

After police arrived on the scene, they reviewed CCTV footage to identify potential suspects using the license plates on their scooters. They identified several intersections where suspects were likely to pass and began making arrests the following morning.

Their interrogation of witnesses led them to Zhuang as the primary suspect.