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Taipower cable falls onto highway leading to 1 death in Taiwan's Miaoli

Power cable causes multi-vehicle accident on National Highway 3

Power cable drops onto highway causing deadly accident. (CNA photo)

Power cable drops onto highway causing deadly accident. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A Taipower electric cable fell across National Highway 3 in Miaoli County, causing a multi-vehicle accident and one fatality on Saturday (Dec. 2).

As the power line fell across northbound and southbound sections of the highway, it ensnared a southbound car, which was dragged into a highway fence. A northbound semi-trailer was also snagged, leading to five other cars being dragged into the accident.

Three people were sent by ambulance to the hospital with serious to mild injuries, including bone fractures and sprains, per UDN. One female passenger suffered OHCA (out-of-hospital cardiopulmonary arrest) and died.

An initial investigation by the National Highway Police found a Taipower contractor working along the highway section was negligent by allowing the cable to fall. If the subcontractor is found to have violated safety protocols, it will be subject to prosecution for endangering public safety.