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Taiwan aquarium launches personality test to reveal marine life doppelganger

Visitors are faced with 8 questions offering 2 choices each

Xpark launches personality test reveals marine life similarities. (Facebook, Xpark photo)

Xpark launches personality test reveals marine life similarities. (Facebook, Xpark photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taoyuan aquarium Xpark has launched personality tests for its visitors to discover similarities with marine life.

Xpark started the psychological test on Friday (Dec. 1) to analyze participants' personalities and identify the marine life they most closely resemble. The eight-question test, with each question offering two choices, takes approximately one minute to complete.

Through a series of intriguing questions, such as "When faced with a delicious buffet, would you rush to grab the most popular food or try every dish?" and "Upon encountering an old friend, a stingray, and a group of dolphins inviting you to join their adventure, would you choose to reunite with your friend or embark on an exciting exploration with the dolphins?" the test delves into participants' personality traits.

The test results reveal the participant's underwater creature counterpart, the impression they make on others, their true self, and the marine life they are encouraged to befriend or avoid. Additionally, the results provide a one-sentence summary of the participant's life philosophy.

For instance, the halibut's life philosophy is to "always look on the bright side and then have the courage to move forward." Those who identify with the halibut are perceived as mysterious and wear an invisible cloak, while their inner selves are warm and forgiving.