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Palau, Paraguay vouch for Taiwan's inclusion at COP 28

Both countries stress importance of Taiwan's participation in addressing climate change

COP 28. (Reuters photo)

COP 28. (Reuters photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The presidents of Paraguay and Palau, two of Taiwan’s diplomatic allies, urged its inclusion in the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP) on Friday (Dec. 1), the second day of COP 28.

Paraguay President Santiago Pena said: “The planet is a common heritage, and therefore, we encourage an inclusive participation within the scope of the COP. In this sense, we propose the inclusion of the Republic of China (Taiwan) in this process."

Pena also expressed hope that COP28 would mark "a before and after in measures to repair the damage done to the land and sea by human hands."

Meanwhile, Palau President Surangel S. Whipps, Jr. supported Taiwan’s participation in COP, saying, “Climate change does not discriminate, and neither should we.”

Whipps pointed out that Taiwan has encouraged Pacific islands and like-minded countries to cooperate to address climate change mitigation and adaptation. “Taiwan provides direct financing to work with communities to build sea walls, shelters, and infrastructure to move to higher ground,” he said.

Taiwan has also “cultivated an environmentally conscious culture,” embracing green energy to create eco-friendly products in environmentally friendly packaging, he added.

Whipps said the climate crisis requires participation from everyone, including Taiwan’s 23 million people and thousands of businesses. “Taiwan must be allowed to participate in UNFCCC processes and share their expertise,” he said.

This year’s COP is in the United Arab Emirates and runs from Nov. 30-Dec. 12.