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Chinese hacking groups intensify attacks on Taiwan

Google expert says nation's defense sector, private industries, and the government are being targeted

(Freepik photo)

(Freepik photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Alphabet Inc.’s Google has warned of a “massive increase” in Chinese cyberattacks against Taiwan over the past six months.

Kate Morgan, from Google’s threat analysis division, said the company was tracking 100 hacking groups in China that were attacking Taiwan, according to Radio Taiwan International on Thursday (Nov. 30). She added the Chinese are targeting the defense sector, private industries, and the government.

Morgan explained how the hackers are using sophisticated approaches such as breaking into private routers. She also said that North Korea and Iran remain threats, while Russia has been focused on Ukraine.

“The number of groups in China that are performing hacking and trying to get into technology companies or get into cloud customers is huge,” Morgan was reported as saying. “I don’t have the exact number, but it is probably over 100 groups that we are tracking just out of China alone.”

She was speaking at the launch of a new cybersecurity center in Malaga, Spain. It will collaborate with European governments and employs around 100 security experts.