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Woman sues Vietnamese shampoo spa in south Taiwan over ear injury

Hair-washing salon sued for NT$35,000 due to alleged ear infection, tinnitus

File photo of a woman having her hair washed in a salon. (PhotoAC image)

File photo of a woman having her hair washed in a salon. (PhotoAC image)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A woman is suing a Vietnamese-style hair wash salon in Kaohsiung City after she allegedly suffered an ear injury that led to hearing loss.

At 4 a.m. on Nov. 22, Chang (張) and her husband went to a Vietnamese-style shampoo spa on Shiquan 2nd Road in Kaohsiung City, reported TVBS. The store beautician claims that she quickly found that Chang's right ear was inflamed due to a potential infection.

However, she still proceeded with the earwax cleaning service. Chang complained that her right ear began to ooze pus the next day.

After seeking medical attention, her right ear was found to be inflamed, in addition to experiencing hearing loss. Chang said that she had to rest for five days and was unable to go to work.

Chang was cited by the news station as saying, "I can hardly hear in my right ear. I still have tinnitus in my right ear and there is always a popping sound."

She returned to the spa and demanded compensation of NT$7,000 (US$222) in lost wages for each of the five days she missed work, for a total of NT$35,000. The owner refused to compensate her for missed work on the grounds that the beautician had warned Chang that she had a fungal infection in her ear.

However, the owner did offer to cover the cost of Chang's medical expenses. The owner said that only after Chang had completed the treatment for her ear, would he be willing to discuss the details of the compensation for medical treatment.

After going to three hospitals for treatment, Chang presented the medical certificates to the shop for compensation. However, she alleges the owner of the establishment refused to cover the medical costs.

The owner of the spa told the news station that a beautician had advised her about the infection and advised her to see a doctor. In addition, the owner claimed the diagnosis mentioned a fungal infection, indicating that Chang already had a fungal infection before visiting the salon.

Despite multiple discussions between the two parties, no agreement was reached and Chang has opted to file a lawsuit against the spa for negligent bodily harm (過失傷害).