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Taiwanese travelers may face interrogation when visiting China

People reported being interrogated at Chinese customs or having travel permits revoked

Taipei Songshan Airport. (CNA photo)

Taipei Songshan Airport. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwanese planning to visit China should be cautious due to the potential risk of interrogation or unexpectedly having their travel documents revoked, warned the Straits Exchange Foundation (SEF), a semiofficial organization, on Thursday (Nov. 30).

There have been reported incidents where Taiwanese individuals traveling to China for either leisure or business purposes experiencing disruptions, such as being detained for questioning during the Chinese customs clearance process or having their travel permits revoked without apparent cause, said Tsai Meng-chun (蔡孟君), deputy secretary-general of the SEF.

Tsai emphasized that even individuals invited to events such as seminars could face such issues. In some instances, Taiwanese visitors found themselves undergoing interrogation without being provided relevant documents or the identities of the investigators for unspecified investigative purposes.

Given these potential challenges, Tsai urged individuals to carefully assess the associated risks before traveling to China. It is recommended that they register their stay in China through the Mainland Affairs Council’s (MAC) monitoring system. In case of emergencies, individuals can seek assistance through the MAC hotline.

In August, MAC issued an advisory to Taiwanese residents, urging them to avoid discussing seven specific topics that might unsettle the Chinese government while traveling in China. This advisory followed the implementation of a more stringent Chinese anti-espionage law.