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Taiwan Navy carries out amphibious assault exercise at Sizihwan Beach

Drill simulated Chinese military beach landing

Taiwan AAV-7. (Taiwan Navy photo)

Taiwan AAV-7. (Taiwan Navy photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Navy's 151st Fleet and the Marine Corps conducted an amphibious landing exercise at Kaohsiung’s Sizihwan Beach on Thursday (Nov. 30).

Accompanied by assault boats, three AAV-7 amphibious assault vehicles reached the shore first before using MK 154 mine-clearance systems and simulating the clearance of potential landmines or obstacles hidden on the beach, CNA reported. Subsequently, more AAV-7 vehicles landed and stayed onshore for several minutes, before returning to the Chung Ho tank landing ship tank that was waiting in nearby waters.

The military said the exercise was the first of its kind at Sizihwan Beach, simulating a Chinese amphibious assault. It serves as a reference for the future deployment of Taiwan's forces and how to best counter enemy troops.

The exercise was initially scheduled for Nov. 17 but was postponed due to adverse sea conditions.

According to the military, Sizihwan Beach is deemed a "red beach," meaning it is where large-scale and formal landings can be carried out. Taiwan’s beaches are categorized into three different color categories based on the likelihood they are used by China for an invasion: red, yellow, and blue.

Taiwan has conducted multiple exercises at red beaches across the country, including Chia Nan Beach in Taichung, Chuwei Beach in Taoyuan, and Bali Beach in New Taipei City. Drills included tactical maneuvers, troop deployments, and live ammunition firing to bolster defense readiness.

The Army's 203rd Brigade is set to conduct a live-fire exercise on Thursday (Dec. 28) at Tainan’s Xishu Beach to bolster combat capabilities, according to the Fisheries Agency.