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Coast Guard refutes YouTube video claiming Taiwan fired rocket at Chinese ship near Dongsha Islands

Coast Guard says situation around Dongsha Islands normal, no unusual activity

Screenshot from YouTube video labeled as "Fake News." (X, Austin H. Wang/OnlyGFX images) 

Screenshot from YouTube video labeled as "Fake News." (X, Austin H. Wang/OnlyGFX images) 

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Coast Guard Administration (CGA) debunked a YouTube video purporting that a Taiwanese military vessel had fired a rocket at a China Coast Guard ship near the Dongsha Islands.

On Tuesday (Nov. 28), the YouTube channel "RE FILES" uploaded a video titled "Brutally! China coast guard Hits by Taiwan rocket near Dongsha Islands." The video claimed that a Taiwanese CGA ship had "fired upon" a Chinese ship "in the vicinity of Dongsha Islands."

The video alleged that the Chinese ship was spotted harassing Taiwanese fishermen near the Dongsha Islands (Pratas Island). It claimed "Taiwanese officials" said a CGA ship issued a warning to cease actions, which was ignored by the Chinese vessel.

The video then claimed that the Taiwanese ship fired a warning shot, which "reportedly struck the China vessel." It alleged Taipei had condemned the Chinese ship's actions, Beijing had not yet commented on the incident, and cited an unnamed "expert" as saying, "This is a serious incident that could have very serious consequences."

Tuesday evening, Austin H. Wang, an assistant professor at the Department of Political Science at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, posted a video screenshot on X and labeled it "misinformation."

When Taiwan News contacted the CGA for its response to the video, a representative said they had no official comment on the video. The spokesperson said the situation around the Dongsha Islands is normal and nothing unusual has occurred.