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Taiwan 7-Eleven customer spends NT$35, wins NT$10 million receipt lottery jackpot

Taiwan 7-Eleven consumer spends NT$9 on printing, wins NT$2 million Grand Prize

7-Eleven Dong'an Store in Taitung County's Taitung City. (Google Maps screenshot)

7-Eleven Dong'an Store in Taitung County's Taitung City. (Google Maps screenshot)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A 7-Eleven customer who spent NT$35 (NT$1.10) on bread and coffee won the NT$10 million Special Prize in the latest edition of the Taiwan receipt lottery.

On Saturday (Nov. 25), the Ministry of Finance (MOF) reported the winning numbers for the September-October round of the lottery. The winning number for the NT$10 million Special Prize is 72054514, the winning number for the NT$2 million Grand Prize is 92488868, and the three winning numbers for the First Prize are 98111935, 57355279, and 74926745.

Thus far, 7-Eleven has reported two Special Prize winners and three Grand Prize winners, per CNA. It also announced five NT$1 million dollar winners from the cloud-based receipt lottery.

The 7-Eleven customer who spent the least and won the most purchased bread and City Cafe coffee for NT$35 at the Dong'an Store in Taitung City. Another Special Prize winner bought ready-to-eat food and a shopping bag for NT$190 at the Wenle Store in Hsinchu County's Hukou Township.

As for the three Grand Prize winners reported so far by 7-Eleven, the winner who spent the least printed documents on the ibon kiosk for NT$9 at the Xinjisui Store in New Taipei City's Zhonghe District. A lucky customer at the Jinjiahou Store in Taichung City's Dajia District bought ready-to-eat food and instant noodles for NT$54.

The third winner purchased ice cream for NT$59 at the Jinxue Store in Kaohsiung City's Nanzi District.

As for 7-Eleven's reported winners of the NT$1 million cloud receipt prize, the one who spent the least and won the most bought a Mai-Siang drink for NT$15. Another person bought a drink for NT$39 at the Zhongyong Store in Tainan City's Yongkang District, while a customer at the Ziqiang No. 1 Store in Taoyuan City's Zhongli District purchased fruit for NT$30.

A consumer at the Beijie Store in Taipei City's Zhongzheng District bought a Chai Li Won beverage for NT$25. The fifth winner bought NT$360 worth of daily necessities and drinks at the City Cafe in the Guixian Store in New Taipei City's Taishan District.

7-Eleven said there are still 134,000 winning invoices for the July and August 2023 period, totaling approximately NT$5 million in prizes for Open Point App members. These receipts have not yet been printed for redemption at ibon kiosks.

PX Mart thus far has reported one winner of the Special Prize for the September-October draw. The winning customer spent NT$53 on green tea and a lemon-flavored carbonated drink at the Douliu Shanghai Store in Yunlin County's Douliu City.