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8 NT$10 million Special Prizes in Taiwan receipt lottery still unclaimed

5 winning receipts for NT$2 million Grand Prize also yet to be redeemed

(Taiwan News image)

(Taiwan News image)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — There are eight NT$10 million (US$316,000) Special Prize winners and five NT$2 million Grand Prize winners who have yet to redeem their receipts for the July-August edition of the Taiwan receipt lottery.

As the winning numbers for the September-October draw of the receipt lottery are set to be announced on Saturday (Nov. 25), the Ministry of Finance (MOF) on Thursday (Nov. 23) said there are still eight unclaimed Special Prizes and five unclaimed Grand Prizes from the July-August round that are within the redemption period, per CNA. The public is reminded to redeem their winning receipts before Jan. 5.

The finance ministry said that of the eight unclaimed Special Prizes, who spent the least and won the most was a 7-Eleven consumer who bought a beverage for NT$26 at the Jiaotong Store in Hsinchu City's East District. Another 7-Eleven winner who has yet to claim their prize bought a drink and bread for NT$89 at the Dazhi Store in New Taipei City's Sanchong District.

A lucky Xinjing Tea customer on Liming Road in Taichung City's Xitun District spent only NT$55 on a drink. A customer of a PX Mart on Fencao Road in Changhua County's Fenyuan Township purchased food for NT$60.

On the higher end of the spectrum, a patron of the "Wuzhan Small Restaurant" eatery on Wenhu Street in Taipei City's Neihu District spent NT$700 on food. A salary invoice for the amount of NT$630 was issued by "Yongsheng Automobile Repair Factory Co., Ltd." on Zhongshan Road in Taoyuan City's Taoyuan District.

In addition, a 7-Eleven on Zhongshan Road in Taichung City's Wuri District and a FamilyMart on Zhongshan Road in Miaoli City each issued receipts worth NT$100 for tobacco products, but no one has claimed the prizes yet.

The five unclaimed Grand Prizes include an NT$33 receipt for an application bought on Apple's App Store, an NT$85 receipt issued at a Mos Burger on Zhongxiao East Road in Taipei City's Xinyi District, and a NT$242 receipt issued by a 7-Eleven on Nanhua Street in Taoyuan City's Taoyuan District. They also include an NT$1,573 receipt issued by the Cairns Stone Grill on Gongyi Road in Taichung City's Nantun District and an NT$190 receipt issued by a FamilyMart convenience store on Xiazhuang First Street in Kaohsiung City's Xiaogang District.