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Northeasterly winds to bring cooler weather to northern Taiwan

2nd wave of northeast winds to arrive early next week bringing more cold weather

Northeasterly winds to bring cooler weather to northern Taiwan

(CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The first of two waves of seasonal winds will bring cooler weather to north Taiwan on Thursday (Nov. 23), while a second wave will lower temperatures in the north and bring more moisture to the east by Monday (Nov. 27).

Meteorologist Daniel Wu (吳德榮) said large diurnal temperature differences will continue on Wednesday (Nov. 22) with highs of 30 C. Wu predicted a first wave of northeasterly winds, which will be relatively weak, will arrive on Thursday evening, bringing cooler weather to the north.

Wu said European modeling shows that on Wednesday and Thursday, Taiwan will be affected by an "air mass modification," and skies will generally be sunny, with a slight chance of scattered showers in the east.

Daytime temperatures on Wednesday and Thursday will be comfortable to slightly warm, and it will be cool to slightly cold at night. Wednesday's temperatures in the north will range from 14 to 30 C, 13 to 29 C in central Taiwan, and 14 to 30 C in the south and east.

Wu said northeasterly winds will gradually strengthen from Thursday night and cloudiness will increase in windward areas on Friday and Saturday (Nov. 24-25). On Friday and Saturday, showers are likely on the north coast and in the east, while Taoyuan City and areas south will see partly cloudy to sunny skies.

On Sunday (Nov. 26), the weather will start to improve and temperatures will rise slightly. Wu said a second wave of northeasterly winds will move southward on Monday afternoon, with increased cloudiness in windward areas, localized rains, and cooler temperatures in the north.

On Tuesday (Nov. 28), the weather will gradually become dry and skies will clear up in the west, while the east may still experience brief showers.