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Taiwan’s Penghu Islands documentary wins at Greek film festival

'Exploring Penghu-Nazca Lines' wins at Amorgos Film Festival

The island of Jibei in Penghu County. (CNA, Mandarin Airlines photo)

The island of Jibei in Penghu County. (CNA, Mandarin Airlines photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A tourism promotional film, "Exploring Penghu - Nazca Lines," recently participated in the 2023 Amorgos Tourism Film Festival in Greece, competing against 148 works from 38 countries and regions, per CNA.

The film won first prize in the documentary category last Friday (Nov. 17). The film featured the many natural highlights of Penghu, such as the Columnar Basalt Nature Reserve, unique fishing and agricultural practices, and “Nazca” lines (lines formed in the shallow ocean made by piling stones to trap fish).

The documentary, which took several years to film and produce, was the work of director Chantel Deng (鄧文斌) and his team. U.K. photojournalist Chris Stowers was the narrator, who has appeared in media outlets such as Time, The Economist, National Geographic, and Newsweek.

Stowers narrates his travels through the Penghu Archipelago with special attention to the islands' unique symbols, while at the same time discovering the charm of the area and its people.

Penghu has rich marine ecological resources and culture, making it an internationally charming destination for tourists, according to Penghu National Scenic Administration Director Hong Chih-guang (洪志光) in a press release. He added that the beauty of the islands exists all four seasons of the year and makes Penghu an ideal location to develop into an international resort destination.

The Penghu National Scenic Administration has been producing short videos to feature the area's tourism resources. "Exploring Penghu-Nazca Lines" and other promotional videos can be seen on their website.

The film is also on YouTube along with other travel footage.