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Super Lotto player in New Taipei wins NT$949 million jackpot

Player from Tucheng District winner of biggest Super Lotto jackpot this year

Super Lotto player in New Taipei wins NT$949 million jackpot

(Taiwan News photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A lucky Taiwan Lottery player has become the sole winner of the biggest Super Lotto jackpot of the year.

The Taiwan Lottery on Monday (Nov. 20) announced the Super Lotto (威力彩) winner won the NT$949 million (US$30.18 million) jackpot. The lottery said the person bought the ticket at a lottery shop at No. 82, Yong'an Street in New Taipei City's Tucheng District.

The previous high for the jackpot was NT$912 million issued on Sept. 28. The winning numbers this time were 30, 13, 15, 07, 11, and 38, while the special number was 07.

After paying the 20% tax on the prize, the winner will be able to take home NT$760 million. As of publication, the Taiwan Lottery has not said whether the winner has claimed the prize.

According to the Taiwan Lottery, to play the Super Lotto, one needs to choose six numbers from 1-38 in the first field and one number from 1-8 in the second field. For each draw, six winning numbers are drawn from 1-38 of the first field and one winning number will be drawn from 1-8 of the second field.