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Husky seen stuffed in backpack in south Taiwan

Husky owner faces up to NT$75,000 in fines for violating animal protection act

Husky seen crammed into scooter rider's backpack. (Dcard image)

Husky seen crammed into scooter rider's backpack. (Dcard image)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwanese netizens became enraged after photos surfaced last week of a husky stuffed into a backpack.

On Nov. 15, a netizen posted images onto Dcard of a husky crammed into a transparent dog backpack and asked "Is this dog abuse?" per Liberty Times. The backpack was worn by a motorist on a Kaohsiung City street, and the netizen said the dog was packed like a "baozi."

The dog had no room to move around inside the bag and had to curl its limbs up tightly to be able to fit inside. Based on its facial expression, the dog appeared very uncomfortable.

The witness worried whether the dog was able to breathe, and if it was traumatized by being forced into such a confined space. The scooter's license plate was visible in the images, which enabled the netizen to report the case to the police.

Husky seen stuffed in backpack in south Taiwan
Husky spotted shoved into a backpack. (Dcard images)

She also called the 1959 animal rescue hotline, before posting an article on Dcard calling on the public to report the rider. One netizen claimed that photos of this owner carrying the dog have been posted on Facebook before, and another said that they had seen the owner carry the dog in this manner since it was young.

According to the latest update posted by the concerned citizen on Saturday (Nov. 18), authorities have launched an investigation. Personnel from the Kaohsiung City Animal Protection Office also reportedly told the woman, "Because the dog abuse in the photo is clear and the license plate is provided, punitive action will be taken."

Husky seen stuffed in backpack in south Taiwan
Husky crammed into a backpack. (Dcard image)

After investigating, the animal protection office said the dog's physical condition was normal, reported Storm Media. However, it stated the owner would face a fine between NT$15,000 (US$474) and NT$75,000 for violating the Animal Protection Act (動保法).

The office also reminded the public that when taking pets on the road or putting them in backpacks, they need to ensure that the backpack is ventilated and that the pet's limbs have enough space to stretch out.

Husky is a general term for sled dogs in polar regions of North America. They are large dogs that grow to about 50 to 60 cm in length and weigh an average of about 20 to 27 kilograms.