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Taiwan teacher sentenced to 17.5 years for sex with elementary student

Taoyuan woman sentenced for relationship that resulted in birth of a child, now 2 years old

(Unsplash, Element5 Digital photo)

(Unsplash, Element5 Digital photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A former elementary school teacher in Taoyuan was sentenced to 17 years and six months in prison for having a sexual relationship with a former male student who was under the age of 14 at the time of the offense.

The sexual relationship also resulted in the birth of a child, who is now 2 years old, according to a filing published by the court in Taoyuan. The woman, who is in her 40s, was the homeroom teacher of the student during his fifth and sixth-grade years at the school.

The sexual relationship began in early 2020, and according to the prosecution, the two had intercourse at least nine times, with two occasions determined to be non-consensual. The relationship was reported in late 2020 to the police by the student’s father after he grew suspicious of his son’s close relationship with the former teacher.

According to Storm Media, the teacher forced herself on the young student on school grounds, in a teacher’s lounge, and her classroom. The student was often asked to stay after school had ended.

After the authorities learned about the relationship the teacher initially tried to claim the boy, who was physically larger than the teacher, had forced himself on her. The entire ordeal caused psychological trauma for the boy, who although resistant at first, eventually became enamored with the teacher, even referring to her as his girlfriend, reported UDN.

Media reports refer to the teacher as Hsu (徐), but this is a pseudonym used upon request of the court after the woman’s identity was discovered by netizens. The woman, who worked for many years at eight different Taoyuan schools, is no longer employed as a teacher and will be barred from teaching for life.

According to reports, due to the child's young age, arrangements can be legally made for the mother to continue caring for him until he reaches the age of 3. After that time, her relatives can opt to become the child’s guardian, as can the father and her former student, if his family chooses to do so, reported LTN.

The sentence, announced on Thursday (Nov. 16) can be appealed within 20 days.

The student received counseling and is reportedly a well-adjusted high school student. His family is reportedly still considering possibly filing a civil suit against the teacher to seek compensation.