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Cold front to bring low in north Taiwan to 10 C over weekend

Continental cold air mass to bring cold, dry air through Sunday

Cold front to bring low in north Taiwan to 10 C over weekend

(CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A cold front is predicted to arrive on Thursday (Nov. 16) bringing cold and dry air that will send temperatures as low as 10 C in parts of northern Taiwan on Saturday (Nov. 18).

WeatherRisk meteorologist Ou Tsung-hsueh (歐宗學) said on Wednesday (Nov. 15) that although a current wave of northeasterly winds is weakening, there will still be more cloud cover and localized showers in the north and east. The weather in the west will range from partly cloudy to sunny.

Ou said low temperatures in the north will generally be above 17 C. The lowest temperature in Taiwan in the early morning was 16.7 C in Yunlin County's Huwei Township.

Daytime temperatures are expected to rise significantly in the west. The highs in the north will be 23-25 ​​C and 28-30 C in the central and southern regions.

In Hualien and Taitung counties, daytime temperatures will range between 20 and 25 C. In Yilan County, which will see the most clouds and rain, temperatures will range between 18 and 21 C.

Ou said cloud cover will begin to increase in central and northern Taiwan starting Thursday morning, while the cold front will arrive at around noon.

By late Thursday night, Taichung and areas north and the east and various mountainous areas will likely see showers, said Ou. Low temperatures in urban areas of northern Taiwan will drop to 16 and 18 C, and in the suburbs, it could be 2 to 3 degrees colder.

Ou said Friday daytime highs in the north will reach 18-19 C, 22-24 C in central Taiwan, 25-26 C in the south, and 21-22 C in Hualien and Taitung.

According to Ou, on Friday night there will be a rapid and substantial drop in temperature until Saturday morning. Saturday morning lows in urban areas of central and northern Taiwan could be 13-14 C, 16-18 C in the south, and 14-15 C in the east, while open suburban areas could be 10 C.

Ou predicted stable and sunny skies during the day on Saturday with highs of 20-22 C in the north and 24-26 C for the rest of the country. Ou added temperatures will change by as much as 10 degrees between day and night on Sunday.