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Taiwanese man found dead in Cambodia with 3 gunshot wounds to head

Police suspect man was murdered in dispute over illegal online gambling

Police retrieve body of Taiwanese man. (Facebook, The Cambodia China Times photo)

Police retrieve body of Taiwanese man. (Facebook, The Cambodia China Times photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Cambodian police last week found the body of a Taiwanese man who had been shot in the head three times.

On Nov. 7, police found a male body in a white car that had been abandoned in a desolate area of the western Cambodian city of Poipet, reported The Cambodia China Times. Police said the man had gunshot wounds in the back of the head, right eye, and temple.

Due to the condition of his body when found, doctors determined that the man had been deceased for at least two days. The man was sitting in the passenger side seat, according to police.

Officers suspected that the deceased man was in the same vehicle as the gunman when the shooting took place. Police said the man may have been murdered due to his involvement in illegal online gambling.

The body was identified to be a 30-year-old man from Taiwan surnamed Wu (吳). Police told the newspaper that they had obtained important clues and vowed to arrest the criminals responsible and bring them to justice.

Police believed that this was a "premeditated" murder. They said that the clues they collected should soon lead to the arrest of those responsible.

The body was placed in a local temple, awaiting identification and claiming by the family.

The National Police Agency's liaison office in Vietnam received notification about the case from the Cambodian authorities on Nov. 8, reported Up Media. Wu reportedly has been tied to suspected telecommunications fraud cases in Cambodia.