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Coldplay concludes 2 concerts in Kaohsiung

‘Music of the Spheres’ tour promotes sustainability through recycling of LED wristbands, electricity-generating bicycles

Coldplay's performance at Kaohsiung National Stadium. (X, Coldplay photo)

Coldplay's performance at Kaohsiung National Stadium. (X, Coldplay photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — British rock band Coldplay completed the last of two concerts at Kaohsiung National Stadium on Sunday evening (Nov. 12).

The two concerts attracted around 100,000 fans, per the Liberty Times. Coldplay’s “The Music of the Spheres” tour has emphasized sustainability and lowering the band's carbon footprint.

To encourage recycling, Coldplay asked all attendees to return the LED bracelets that were administered to them to the bins near the exit. The band said the recycling rate of LED bracelets at its first Kaohsiung concert was 93%, which trailed other stops on the tour such as Tokyo (97%), Copenhagen (96%), and Buenos Aires (94%).

Coldplay concludes 2 concerts in Kaohsiung
A market outside the Coldplay concert. (Kaohsiung City Government Youth Bureau photo)

In addition, Coldplay provided specially equipped bicycles at the concert venue, allowing concertgoers to generate their own electricity and reduce the power load of the concert.

While Coldplay is eager to promote sustainability, tours require a tremendous amount of resources and staffing. For the two shows in Kaohsiung, Coldplay relied on three cargo planes, 10 40-foot containers, and more than 200 staff members.

When the music started, the stadium was transformed into a sea of light and harmony. Coldplay vocalist Chris Martin thanked fans for "letting us come to your beautiful country to perform," and even invited three fans on stage.

Fans said they hoped they would not have to wait another six years to see Coldplay again. The band last performed in Taiwan in 2017 for the "A Head Full of Dreams Tour."