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2 northeasterly waves to bring colder weather to Taiwan through weekend

Weekend could see lows of 11 C in some areas

Satellite image of Western Pacific. (CWA image)

Satellite image of Western Pacific. (CWA image)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Two waves of northeasterly winds will bring cooler weather to Taiwan at the start of the week and weekend when temperatures could drop to as low as 11 C.

Northeasterly winds will bring cool temperatures to northern Taiwan on Monday (Nov. 13), with heavy rain continuing on the northeast coast, reported SET News. Low temperatures on Monday in northern and central Taiwan will range from 17 to 19 C, while the south will see lows of 20 to 21 C.

Highs in areas north of Taoyuan will be 19 C, while Hsinchu, Miaoli, and Hualien will see highs between 20 to 23 C. The rest of the country will see highs between 26 and 29 C. People are advised to pay attention to temperature differences when traveling between the north and south.

Northern Taiwan could see brief showers on Monday. However, rainfall on the north coast of Keelung City and northeastern Taiwan may be heavy at times, while Hsinchu County and areas south will see sunny to partly cloudy skies.

The Central Weather Administration's 10-day forecast said on Tuesday morning (Nov. 14), temperatures in the central, northern, and eastern regions will be around 18 to 19 C, and 20 C in other areas. Daytime highs will rise slightly, with a significant temperature difference between day and night in central and southern Taiwan.

On Tuesday, there is still a possibility of localized heavy rainfall on the north coast of Keelung and in the northeast.

On Wednesday (Nov. 15), northeasterly winds will have weakened, but the northern coast of Keelung and the east may still experience brief, localized rains. Other areas will be mostly cloudy to clear, with brief afternoon showers in mountainous areas.

A second wave of northeasterly winds will arrive on Thursday (Nov. 16), increasing atmospheric moisture, followed by the southward movement of dry and cold air, dropping temperatures in the north. There may be brief localized rain in north, east, and central mountainous areas, while other areas will see mostly cloudy skies.

On Friday and Saturday (Nov. 17-18), northern Taiwan will be colder due to radiative cooling. Morning temperatures will be around 15 to 16 C in the north and 16 to 18 C in other areas.

Meteorologist Daniel Wu (吳德榮) said on Monday that from Friday night to Saturday morning, the weather conditions will approach the level of a continental cold air mass Wu predicted temperatures in some coastal and flat areas could dip to as low as 11 C.

He said temperatures will rise rapidly during the day and drop at night on Saturday and skies will be sunny. Over the weekend, skies will mostly be cloudy to clear, with only scattered showers in the southeast.