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Successful launch of 'SHSR-Aero1' rocket in southern Taiwan

Feng Chia University launches sounding rocket, paves way for future space development

Feng Chia University launches rocket. (Taiwan Space Association photo)

Feng Chia University launches rocket. (Taiwan Space Association photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A group from Feng Chia University successfully launched the scientific research rocket "SHSR-Aero1" at 6 a.m. on Sunday morning (Nov. 12).

The rocket flew in the air for 14 seconds and flew at an altitude of about 200 meters, becoming the fifth successful rocket launch at the Zhuhai Rocket Launch Site in Pingtung, a facility operated by the Taiwan Space Agency (TASA), per PTS.

The launch overcame an early attempt that was aborted due to a mechanical problem associated with an oxidizer valve. Feng Chia University students and professors cheered the launch as a testament to the rocket’s propulsion system.

"The launch verified the design of our propulsion system, rocket engine combustion chamber, the pairing of our fuel and oxidizer, rocket body structure, electronic control system, and navigation. All of this will be used as a reference for future rocket designs,” said Feng Chia University Department of Aerospace and Systems Engineering professor Yeh Chun-liang (葉俊良).

Yeh said today’s launch was mostly a test of propulsion technology and electronic control systems. Yeh said the thrust of the rocket was designed to be one-third that of a typical rocket.

After the launch, the flight altitude and distance were consistent with expectations, Yeh added. Data collected from the launch will be used as a reference for future rocket launches.

Following this successful launch, TASA said government support will continue to develop local capabilities in the field of rocket development, allowing Taiwan's academic community to cultivate more talent and technology.