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1 dead after argument over paying for drinks in Kaohsiung

Men in their sixties reportedly friends arguing over who earns more money

A warehouse in Kaohsiung's Dashe District. (Google maps photo)

A warehouse in Kaohsiung's Dashe District. (Google maps photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A man has died in Kaohsiung after an argument over who would foot the bill for alcohol shared amongst friends escalated and resulted in a stabbing.

A group of friends in their sixties were drinking in a warehouse in the city’s Dashe District on Saturday evening (Nov. 11) when the argument occurred. UDN reported that after a man surnamed Guo (郭) was subjected to ridicule over how much he earned, he stabbed a man surnamed Yeh (葉) in the head with a kitchen knife.

Police were alerted by a third man drinking with the pair and broke down a door to enter the warehouse, pepper spraying Guo and apprehending him. Yeh died before paramedics arrived.

The case is being investigated as a homicide.