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Ukraine updates: Russia hacked Kyiv's power grid — report

Russian cyberspies disrupted part of Ukraine's power grid in late 2022, a US cybersecurity firm has warned.

Mandiant, which is part of Google, said the attack showed the latest evolution in Russia's cyber-physical attack capability.

The attack apparently tripped circuit breakers and caused a power outage.

In other related news, Washington and Seoul have voiced concern about links between Russia and North Korea.

Here's a look at the latest developments on Thursday, November 9, in Russia's war in Ukraine:

Russia hacked Ukraine's power grid, report says

Russian cyber-spies launched a hack that disrupted part of Ukraine's power grid in
late 2022, a report from the US cybersecurity firm Mandiant says

The hack was said to have been a rare and advanced form of cyberwarfare with Russia one of the few countries with the capability to carry out such cyberattacks.

"This attack represents the latest evolution in Russia's cyber physical attack capability, which has been increasingly visible since Russia's invasion of Ukraine," said the report.

It did not specify which facility the attack had been carried out against.

The hacking group, known in cybersecurity research circles by the name "Sandworm," has been previously identified as a cyberwarfare unit of Russia’s GRU military intelligence agency.

It apparently managed to cause a power cut in the unidentified area of Ukraine by tripping circuit breakers at an electrical substation.

This happened at the same time as a missile strike, and the group deployed data-wiping malware in a bid to cover their tracks.

US, South Korea wary of North Korean arms exports to Russia

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has said he and his South Korean counterpart, Park Jin, share "profound" concerns about growing military cooperation between North Korea and Russia.

Blinken and Park talked Thursday about cooperating on a way to implement a so-called extended deterrence strategy for countering threats from North Korea and deepening strategic cooperation with Japan.

"Already our three countries are taking steps to improve our joint response through real-time sharing of DPRK missile warning data, trilateral defence exercises and efforts to counter DPRK's malicious cyber activities."

DPRK, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, is North Korea's official name. The US and its allies have condemned what they claim is a flow of arms and military equipment from North Korea to Russia.

While North Korea and Russia have denied any arms deals, their leaders pledged closer military cooperation at a meeting in Russia's Far East in September.