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Kaohsuing bank teller 'accidentally kicks' NT$100,000 cash deposit under table

Staff refused to believe count was short, footage reveals wad of cash under table

(Canva image)

(Canva image)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A Kaohsiung bank teller who refused to check security footage after a man claimed NT$100,000 was missing from his deposit was found to have “accidentally kicked” the wad of cash under a table.

Tai Sounds reported that the Chunghwa Post Bank worker took the cash deposit from a man who intended to buy a used Tesla, just before the office closed on Oct. 30. Reportedly distracted by a rush to fill out paperwork, the teller and staff were said to have realized the count was only $1.28 million, NT$100,000 short of what the man said he handed over.

The depositor called the police after staff refused to believe the count was short. Police requested staff review footage, and found that a worker had knocked a NT$100,000 wad off a counter, and accidentally nudged it under the counter with her feet.

The post office apologized to the man, but blamed the fact that customers frequently undercount their deposits. A small gift has reportedly been prepared for the man in apology.