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ACW South trains Taiwan companies about cybersecurity

Ministry of Digital Affairs simulates real life cybersecurity attacks at ACW South to train domestic companies

The ACW South cybersecurity center. (ACW South website screenshot)  

The ACW South cybersecurity center. (ACW South website screenshot)  

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — ACW South, Taiwan's first cybersecurity training center, provides 33 product testing services and other consulting services, helping domestic manufactures protect against hacking attacks.

ACW South is named for its location in Tainan and is an acronym associated with “Art of Cyber War.” With more consumer products becoming internet-enabled through IoT technology, both consumers and manufacturers will face an even greater risk of cybersecurity attacks, per CNA.

ACW South is located in Shalun Smart Green Energy Science City, adjacent to the Tainan High Speed Rail Station. Opened in 2021, the “smart city” covers an area of 62.12 hectares.

ACW South is part of a larger government cyber security strategy. And since its establishment, it has attracted 4,200 visitors and engaged in 2,300 cybersecurity training sessions.

For example, ACW South hosts regular events demonstrating how cybersecurity attacks can cripple a factory by disrupting critical infrastructures such as oil, water, and electricity. It even hosts competitions pitting “red” and “blue” teams participating in simulated attacks.

As more production moves to “smart factories” ACW South can serve a consulting role outlining potential cybersecurity risks. ACW South also introduces data verification schemes and awareness of malware.

For example, local manufacturers may be at risk of a cyber attack from a USB flash drive, or even a USB charging cables. Recent international cases have been tracked back to USB charging cables left in public areas near targeted companies.

Hackers then use these USB charging cables embedded with tiny microchips and software to hack into a company’s IT network. In some cases, holding companies hostage and extorting large sums of money.