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6 taboos to evade on Lidong in Taiwan

Do not go out too early, drink too much hot water, take overly hot baths, or exercise too hard on Lidong

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(Unsplash image)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Wednesday (Nov. 8) is Lidong (立冬), the first day of winter on the lunisolar calendar, and numerology expert Hsiao Meng (小孟) has listed six taboos traditionally observed by Taiwanese on this day.

The lunisolar calendar's 24 solar terms are distinguished by the sun's exposure to the earth and Lidong is the 19th. Since the earth rotates 360 degrees around the sun for a year, a solar term corresponds to every 15 degrees of rotation.

Lidong marks the start of winter in East Asian cultures. On his Facebook page, Hsiao Meng on Friday (Nov. 3) listed six taboos customarily observed for Lidong as well as an advisory for three zodiac signs.

1. Do not go out too early

Hsiao Meng wrote that there is a saying, "On Lidong, the water turns three parts cold," meaning that when Lidong starts, it gets very cold, and going out increases the risk of catching a cold or getting sick. Those who need to wake up early on that day are advised to dress warmly.

2. Do not drink a lot of hot water

Lidong is an extremely cold day, and drinking excessively hot water can easily cause the body's magnetic field to fluctuate between yin energy (陰氣) and yang energy (陽氣) and cold and hot, which can easily lead to physical discomfort.

3. Avoid taking hot baths for too long

Hsiao Meng pointed out that on Lidong "Yin energy is extremely strong in the air." When one takes a bath for too long, it can cause the yang energy to decline, and indoor temperatures can be heavily affected by yin energy, which can cause the skin to become dry, itchy, and even peeling in severe cases. Therefore, it is best to bathe quickly.

4. Avoid intense exercise

The weather on Lidong is colder, and excessive running or intense exercise can lead to a significant constriction of the cardiovascular system. The elderly are also more susceptible to cardiovascular diseases, so it is advisable to avoid excessive exercise on Lidong.

5. 3 zodiac signs are prone to health issues

The numerologist said that people born under the zodiac signs Cancer, Leo, and Virgo should be especially cautious. People with hidden or preexisting health conditions are more likely to experience physical discomfort on Lidong.

6. It is best to go to sleep early and wake up early after Lidong

As the saying goes, "Nourish yin in autumn and winter," and yin energy starts from 9 p.m. every night, wrote Hsiao Meng. Therefore, it is best to go to bed early and get up early after the Lidong. Only through a longer sleep duration can one replenish vital essence.