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Taiwan’s MediaTek unveils new Dimensity 9300 flagship chipset

MediaTek’s latest chipset made using TSMC’s 3rd generation 4nm process node

(MediaTek image)

(MediaTek image)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Fabless Taiwanese chipmaker MediaTek introduced its newest flagship chipset, the Dimensity 9300, on Monday (Nov. 6).

MediaTek’s latest offering is made on Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.’s (TSMC) third-generation 4nm process node. MediaTek said the Dimensity 9300 is the world’s first smartphone chip to have all big CPU cores: four Cortex-X4 performance cores clocked at 3.25GHz and four Cortex-A720 efficiency cores clocked at up to 2GHz.

The company said the Dimensity 9300 boasts a 40% increase in peak performance while using 33% less power compared to last year’s Dimensity 9200. In terms of memory, the Dimensity 9300 supports LPDDR5T RAM at 9600Mbps speeds.

The new chipset also has a 12-core Immortalis-G720 GPU with hardware raytracing that provides a 46% improvement over the previous generation, while using 40% less power, MediaTek said. AI duties are taken care of with the APU 790, which supports generative AI.

It has support for displays up to WQHD resolution and 180Hz refresh rates, while also providing support for folding devices that need dual active displays. The chipset can support cameras up to 320 MP and can handle up to 8K video at 30 fps or 4K video at 60 fps.

With the introduction of the Dimensity 9300, MediaTek plans to compete with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset, according to GSMArena.