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India-Taipei Association marks Diwali with lively festival

Event features variety of Indian dances, music performances, cuisine

(India-Taipei Association photo)

(India-Taipei Association photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The India-Taipei Association (ITA) held a Diwali celebration, known as the Hindu festival of lights, on Sunday (Nov. 5) at the Yanping Riverside Park.

The event featured a variety of Indian dance and music performances, including a classical Odissi dance, Kathak dance, and Bollywood dance, according to an ITA press release. There was also a Henna hand-painting booth and stalls run by Indian restaurants in Taiwan, allowing all to experience authentic Indian cuisine.

A DJ from India was specially invited by ITA to provide live music for attendees. The event culminated with a firework display and sparklers were handed out to the crowd, marking the end of a genuine Diwali experience, ITA said.

ITA director general Manharsinh Laxmanbhai Yadav described Diwali as a celebration of light triumphing over darkness, symbolizing each person's ability to illuminate their inner goodness and overcome weaknesses. It is a festival that transcends borders and religions, Yadav said.

He said that Diwali is considered the traditional new year in some regions of India, during which people do some spring cleaning, wear new clothes, celebrate with lights and firecrackers, visit temples, and enjoy candies and various delicious foods. These customs are similar to those during Taiwan's Lunar New Year, he noted.

Yadav said there are approximately 7,000 Indians in Taiwan, who all consider Taiwan their second home. ITA, together with the Indian community in Taiwan, aims to help Taiwanese experience India's diverse culture, he said.

The director said that celebrating Diwali in Taiwan serves as a testament to the power of culture as a means of communication and sharing experiences and values between India and Taiwan. He expressed his optimism that there will be more frequent exchanges between the two nations in the future.

This event marked the first major festivity hosted by Yadav since his arrival in Taiwan in August.