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Taiwan will reach 2023 target of 6 million visitors in mid-December

5 millionth visitor arrived Thursday

The island of Jibei in Penghu County. (CNA, Mandarin Airlines photo)

The island of Jibei in Penghu County. (CNA, Mandarin Airlines photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwan will reach its target of welcoming six million visitors from overseas around mid-December, Vice Premier Cheng Wen-tsan (鄭文燦) said Friday (Nov. 3).

The five millionth visitor arrived Thursday (Nov. 2), he said at the opening of Taipei City’s International Travel Fair (ITF). Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Taiwan registered 11 million visitors per year.

Cheng named the country’s national parks, forests, Indigenous villages, mountains, and coastal areas as its major attractions, per the Liberty Times. Taiwan was gradually becoming the world’s Taiwan, according to the vice premier.

Government tourism officials paid visits to Japan, South Korea, and Thailand to promote Taiwan as a destination, while the Presidential Office Building had once again been opened to host specially selected visitors from overseas, including vloggers and celebrity chefs.

The ITF brought together 104 countries, cities, airlines, hotels, amusement parks, and travel agencies at 1,300 stalls, organizers said. As to the number of foreign visitors, officials suggested 12 million as the target for 2024.