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49 hospital admissions after Taiwan school group eats at fish restaurant

Meal at Taoyuan old street suspected of causing food poisoning

(Canva, Getty Images photo)

(Canva, Getty Images photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A school trip to a fish restaurant in Taoyuan is suspected to have caused food-poisoning symptoms among teachers and students, resulting in nearly 50 hospital admissions.

Stomach issues caused 26 members of the Kaohsiung high-school group to seek hospital treatment in Miaoli on Thursday night (Nov. 2), per CNA. By the next morning, an additional 22 students and one teacher also presented at the emergency department with the same symptoms.

Miaoli health officials said the group ate lunch at a restaurant in Hsinchu’s Leofoo Village Theme Park, followed by dinner at a restaurant that served fresh-killed fish at Taoyuan’s Daxi Old Street. The group began showing food poisoning symptoms after they checked into their Miaoli accommodation later that evening.

The hospital said on Friday that most of the first group have been discharged with mild symptoms. Taoyuan health bureau said it will send staff to inspect the restaurants where the school group ate.