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Dressing evil for Halloween unfortunate for 7 types of people in Taiwan

People born in year of Rabbit, Rooster, Rat, and Dragon should avoid dressing as skeletons or demons

(New Taipei City Government Economic Development Department photo)

(New Taipei City Government Economic Development Department photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A Taiwanese numerologist recommends that seven types of people avoid dressing up as the dead or evil spirits on Halloween to avoid bad luck.

Although Halloween is not a traditional Taiwanese festival, Yang Teng-ke (楊登嵙), a folk customs expert and founding chairman of the Taichung Numerology Education Association, was cited by UDN as warning about some folk taboos. Yang said seven types of people should avoid dressing as skeletons or demons on Halloween.

According to Yang, the following seven types of individuals should avoid dressing as skeletons or demons as it may make them susceptible to disturbances from evil spirits or becoming "stuck with yin," meaning that they may become plagued with negative energy.

1. Zodiac signs that offend Tai Sui

In the lunisolar calendar, this year is the Year of the Rabbit, and the guardian god of the year is Tai Sui, guardian god of the year. Yang said four zodiac signs conflict with Tai Sui including the Rabbit, Rooster, Rat, and Dragon.

An old folklore saying states, "When Tai Sui is in charge, if there is no joy, there may be misfortune." The four above-mentioned zodiac signs are believed to be more prone to weak fortunes and bad luck and are more susceptible to interference by evil spirits.

2. Serious illnesses

People who have recently recovered from a major illness or are still in the early stages of such an illness may have weakened vitality, making them vulnerable to evil spirits.

3. Poor luck or fortune

People with poor fortune or those who have experienced a breakup, divorce, business failure, or unemployment. At this stage, their luck is already bad enough, but if they dress up as skeletons or demons, they may also provoke spirits that bring negative energy or misfortune.

4. Glabella turning dark

The yintang (印堂) or glabella is the patch of skin between the eyebrows. If this part of the forehead becomes darker than usual, it signifies that one's luck could weaken shortly and the probability of encountering danger has risen.

5. Lack of sleep

If a person is not getting enough sleep, their mental state may be weak and they could be vulnerable to intrusion by evil spirits.

6. Drinkers

After drinking alcohol, a person's vision blurs and their mental state deteriorates. In this state, they can become particularly susceptible to interference by evil spirits, which can lead to regrettable incidents.

7. Pregnant women

During the first six months of pregnancy, fetuses are the most vulnerable to the clash of yin and yang energies, as the yin energy in the spiritual realm is relatively heavy during this period. This clash could potentially affect the health and safety of pregnant women and their fetuses.