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Warmer temperatures expected across Taiwan midweek

Northeasterly monsoon winds weaken, leading to stable weather and higher temperatures

Warmer, stable weather expected on Wednesday. (CNA photo)

Warmer, stable weather expected on Wednesday. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Northeasterly monsoon winds will weaken at the start of the week, leading to stable, warm weather on Wednesday (Nov. 1), according to WeatherRisk meteorologist Li Chih-sheng (李至晟).

Li said early in the week, occasional showers may occur in the northern and eastern parts of Taiwan. The nighttime radiative cooling effect will send temperatures as low as 18.5 degrees Celcius into plains areas in Hsinchu and Keelung, per UDN.

With northeasterly monsoon winds weakening on Wednesday, Li said temperatures in various areas around Taiwan will gradually rise. Rainfall on the windward side will be sporadic.

By midweek, central and southern areas can expect 28–30 C in the daytime, with some inland areas in the south experiencing temperatures over 30 C. Li said warmer temperatures will make it feel like summer in southern Taiwan.

Li encouraged Taiwan residents to use this opportunity to do laundry and make other seasonal changes as necessary. However, stable weather could lead to deteriorating air quality as central and southern areas will encounter a weakening atmospheric diffusion effect.

Additionally, strong sunshine during the day will lead to an increase in ozone. In the afternoon and evening, the air quality may reach an “orange” alert, indicating unhealthy respiratory conditions for the elderly and other sensitive groups.

Li said the next weather pattern to affect Taiwan will occur on Sunday (Nov. 5) or next Monday (Nov. 6) as northeasterly monsoon winds will strengthen again. This will lead to low temperatures of around 20 C in northern areas, while central and southern parts of Taiwan will experience rain.