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Taiwan’s Changching military exercise underway

Tenth Army Corps conducts 7-day live-fire exercise to enhance combat readiness

Taiwan carries out Changching Exercise. (Military News Agency photo)

Taiwan carries out Changching Exercise. (Military News Agency photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Changching Exercise, overseen by the 10th Army Corps, reached its fifth day on Tuesday (Oct. 24).

Drawing from past training experiences, the primary objective of the seven-day live-fire exercise is to enhance the combat readiness of the troops and to refine the operational command capabilities of the commanders, the 10th Army Corps said, per Military News Agency. The exercise, which kicked off on Oct. 21, puts soldiers from different outfits through simulations that incorporate various scenarios to give them a more realistic taste of combat, it said.

The 269th Mechanized Infantry Brigade was reassigned as the blue force and the 99th Marine Brigade was designated as the red force to go head-to-head in live-fire drills. Troops from the blue force, equipped with CM34 and CM33 armored vehicles, engaged the red force, while the blue force’s psychological warfare unit carried out operations to disrupt the red force’s morale, ultimately capturing a strategic position.

The 10th Army Corps said the various scenarios promote the development of commanders' tactical thinking and their ability to adapt to changing circumstances.