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7 injured in hornet attack in northern Taiwan

Weekend hiking expedition takes turn as hornet stings send group to hospital

7 hikers sent to hospital after hornet attack. (CNA photo)

7 hikers sent to hospital after hornet attack. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Seven people were stung while hiking the Canquangliao Historical Trail (燦光寮步道) on Sunday (Oct. 22).

The New Taipei City Fire Department's "119" hotline received a call at 12:10 p.m. that another hiking group was stung by hornets. The department quickly dispatched 16 vehicles and 40 people, sending the injured hikers to Keelung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital and Keelung Hospital, per UDN.

Autumn is the breeding season for hornets, who are more active during this time, with many reports of hornet attacks in various parts of New Taipei City, such as Ruifang, Wulai, and Shimen. The recent attack on seven hikers in the Shuangxi District included one man and one woman who were seriously injured, though all were conscious.

7 injured in hornet attack in northern Taiwan
Hornet suspected of attacking hikers in New Taipei City. (CNA photo)

The New Taipei City’s Animal Welfare and Health Inspection Office deployed staff to where the hikers were stung to search for the hornet nest. The trail was closed to the public out of caution.

The activity of hornets is closely related to outdoor temperatures. With temperatures above 16 degrees Celcius, hornets are still very active, even potentially in November.

The head of the New Taipei Fire Department's Sixth Brigade, Luo Yi-tian (羅億田), urged people hiking in autumn to wear long sleeves, pants, and hats to avoid hornet attacks. Furthermore, light-colored clothing is advised, and fragrances are best avoided.

Furthermore, should one become stung by a hornet, they should seek medical treatment as soon as possible and follow the doctor's instructions for treatment. Hornet stings can lead to dangers such as anaphylactic shock or other life-threatening reactions.