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Terry Gou's running mate renounces US citizenship for Taiwan presidential bid

Terry-Tammy ticket now technically viable as campaign continues support drive

Terry Gou and Tammy Lai pose with a pinepple in Sept. (CNA photo)

Terry Gou and Tammy Lai pose with a pinepple in Sept. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Independent presidential candidate Terry Gou’s running mate Tammy Darshana Lai (賴佩霞) said she has successfully renounced her U.S. citizenship on Thursday (Oct. 19).

“Today I can clearly report that Tammy Darshana Lai no longer has the status of a U.S. citizen,” she wrote in a Facebook post. Lai renounced her U.S. citizenship to meet the requirements for running for the Vice Presidency.

A photo of a loss of nationality certificate dated Sept. 29 was attached to the post, alongside a U.S. passport with two holes punched through it. The renunciation occurred at the American Institute in Taiwan, according to the form.

The Gou-Lai ticket appears to have one less hurdle to jump over as they continue to gather signatures from the public in support of their run for high office. Electoral rules mean the pair has to receive just under 290,000 signatures before Nov. 2 in order to run.

On Oct. 6, Gou said that they had already surpassed that number. Gou’s campaign said that they had gathered over 300,000 signatures, but would continue to gather as much support as possible before the deadline.

Recent polling shows support for the Gou-Lai ticket is the lowest among all major candidates, at just under 10%.