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Northeast winds to bring cool, wet weather to north Taiwan over weekend

Northeasterly winds will start to strengthen in second half of day on Friday

Northeast winds to bring cool, wet weather to north Taiwan over weekend

(CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Central Weather Administration (CWA) on Thursday (Oct. 19) predicted that a cold front will pass through and northeasterly winds will strengthen on Friday (Oct. 20) leading to an increase in rain and a drop in temperatures in north Taiwan over the weekend.

CWA forecaster Kuan Hsin-ping (官欣平) was cited by CNA as saying a cold front will pass through and the northeasterly winds will strengthen in the second half of the day on Friday. Kuan said that there may be some strong wind gusts in open areas and northern Taiwan will experience brief showers.

The north coast of Keelung, mountainous areas of Greater Taipei, and northeast Taiwan are predicted to see localized heavy rains, while brief showers are likely in central and southern Taiwan. Kuan said the rain will be most significant on Friday evening.

However, the cold front is expected to pass quickly, and it is forecasted that the rainfall will ease starting on Saturday (Oct. 21). That day, the CWA predicts that there will be brief showers in Taoyuan City and areas north, the eastern half of the country, and mountainous areas of northern Taiwan.

On Saturday afternoon, southern Taiwan and mountainous areas of central Taiwan will likely see isolated, brief showers.

As for temperatures, Kuan forecasts that the temperature will not change much during the day on Friday with the high still reaching 26-28 degrees Celcius. In the evening, the cold front will bring cooler air and temperatures will gradually decrease.

On Saturday and Sunday (Oct. 22), the daytime high temperatures in northern Taiwan will only reach 23-24 C, with low temperatures dipping to approximately 20 C. Some coastal, open areas may see even lower temperatures over the weekend.

Kuan predicted that the northeasterly winds will weaken on Monday (Oct. 23) and the high in Greater Taipei could rise to 27 C. The weather is expected to be relatively stable from Monday to Wednesday (Oct. 25) and only localized brief showers are expected in Keelung, the northern coast, and the eastern half of the country.