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Animal memes storm Taiwan following Typhoon Koinu

Watch 'Typhoon Puppy' and a monkey dealing with strong winds on a rooftop

Netizens storm internet with Typhoon 'Puppy' memes. (EarthUncutTV image)

Netizens storm internet with Typhoon 'Puppy' memes. (EarthUncutTV image)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) —Typhoon chaser, James Reynolds, spent the past week in Taiwan following Typhoon Koinu posting his observations on his Twitter channel, EarthUncutTV.

It was Reynolds' second visit to Taiwan in the space of just one month. Taiwan's lack of typhoon activity had kept Reynolds away from the island for six years prior.

Typhoon Koinu, also known as "Puppy," made landfall on Thursday (Oct. 5), as a category 4 "very strong typhoon." It led to thousands of homes losing power, and agricultural losses of NT$344.56 million (US$10.72 million) according to CNA.

The eye of the typhoon was clearly defined and passed over Eluanbi, the southern tip of Taiwan, with maximum sustained winds of 117kmh per hour. Typhoon Koinu led to the closure of school and work in southern and eastern Taiwan, leaving many netizens with extra time to create "Typhoon Puppy" memes, or simply scroll through interesting typhoon footage.

Below are some of the most popular posts on Reynolds' Twitter feed.