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Taiwan Design Expo gives you a choice: Space stocks or glowing bamboo?

Personality test categorizes users according to 12 different traits — which are you?

(Taiwan Design Expo images)

(Taiwan Design Expo images)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — If you found a giant bird in a cave, alone, rambling about its miserable life, would you feel bad and try to help?

This author might choose to feign interest, but the reader may not, and the difference between the answer to this question, and 11 others, is what produces the results of Taiwan Design Expo's personality test. The test classifies users according to 16 categories including “steel,” “light,” “fairy,” and “water.”

The test taker's personality result contains a list of “innate personality traits,” “character traits,” and compatibilities. If “steel” describes you, that means you are independent, trustworthy, and an “art-acquisition consultant,” according to the test.

You will also be asked if you would rather turn into anyone and experience their life, or observe everyone from an omniscient point of view. Do you eavesdrop on people talking about space stocks, washing vegetables, or “the giant glowing bamboo?”

You get the idea. Take the test and find out your personality trait here.

The Taiwan Design Expo is being held throughout October in multiple locations across New Taipei. New Taipei City Art Museum serves as the core of the exhibition, with five stations around the MRT’s circular line linking visitors to different venues.

“The 2023 Taiwan Design Expo in New Taipei City takes a human-centered approach, choosing the symbol '○' as the recurring image of this city,” the expo’s website reads. “It represents the circular cityscape of New Taipei City, the interconnected elevated roads looping the city's nodes, the posture of a driver controlling the steering wheel, the constantly rotating axes in factories, and the connection between the two ends of the city's spectrum.”

Events and exhibitions feature audio-visual performances, arts, food (inspired by New Taipei’s donut-esque shape), discussions of local issues, and sports. The expo will run until Oct. 22.