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1 dead, 356 injured in Taiwan by Typhoon Koinu

3,601 damage reports issued, 368,301 households experience power outages

Overturned boats at Orchid Island's Kaiyuan Port. (CNA photo)

Overturned boats at Orchid Island's Kaiyuan Port. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Central Emergency Operations Center (CEOC) on Thursday evening (Oct. 5) confirmed that one person had died, 356 were injured, and there were 3,601 damage reports after Typhoon Koinu hammered Taiwan with record-breaking winds and torrential rain.

The Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA) Eastern Trunk Line service between Shanli Station and Taitung Station was suspended on Thursday due to landslides. Orchid Island has suffered severe damage and has been designated for special management. Local officials have requested support from the Ministry of National Defense (MND) and other units to provide helicopter transportation.

According to the Fire Department, as of 8:30 PM, 3,601 damage reports had been issued nationwide. Among them, there are 1,417 cases of fallen trees on roads and 1,183 cases of damage to people's livelihoods and infrastructure.

1 dead, 356 injured in Taiwan by Typhoon Koinu
Rocks strewn across road in Lanyu Township. (CNA photo)

According to the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the typhoon caused one death and 356 injuries nationwide. The fatality was an 84-year-old woman in Taichung City who was injured by shattered glass in her home, leading to severe bleeding, and she succumbed to her injuries in a nearby hospital.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs reported that as of Thursday, there have been 368,301 households that experienced power outages, with 32,989 households still awaiting restoration — expected to be completed by Friday afternoon (Oct. 6). There have been 5,865 households that experienced water supply disruptions, with 3,552 households in Pingtung County still awaiting repairs.

1 dead, 356 injured in Taiwan by Typhoon Koinu
Downed power lines in Pingtung County. (CNA photo)

Regarding telecommunications infrastructure, 417 base stations have been damaged by the disaster, with 322 stations awaiting repair. The repairs are expected to be completed before Tuesday (Oct. 10).

The Ministry of Agriculture said that as of 6:30 p.m. Thursday, there were 147 yellow alerts issued for landslides in Hualien County, Taitung County and Pingtung County.

1 dead, 356 injured in Taiwan by Typhoon Koinu
Classroom in Lanyu Senior High School is heavily damaged. (CNA photo)

The Ministry of Transportation said the Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA) Eastern Trunk Line between Shanli and Taitung was affected by landslides. It was undergoing emergency repairs, resulting in a complete suspension of services, while branch lines, including the Pingxi Line and Shen'ao Line, have also been suspended.

There were preemptive road closures at five locations on provincial highways, including Provincial Highway 8, Provincial Highway 20 (2 locations), Provincial Highway 24, and Provincial Highway 29. Also on Thursday, 47 international flights and 183 domestic flights were canceled.

1 dead, 356 injured in Taiwan by Typhoon Koinu
Sheet metal structure collapses in Taichung. (CNA photo)

As for maritime transportation, 15 ferry routes with 137 sailings were suspended on Friday.

Deputy Transportation Minister Hu Hsiang-ling (胡湘麟) said there are thousands of stranded travelers on Orchid Island and Green Island in Taitung County. Hu said that close coordination with local governments is necessary to arrange for transportation assistance.

1 dead, 356 injured in Taiwan by Typhoon Koinu
Multiple ships flipped over at Orchid Island's Kaiyuan Port. (CNA photo)

Due to the severe damage to Orchid Island, support from the defense ministry, Air Force, and Coast Guard Administration has been requested for helicopter and boat transportation. Multiple schools in the eastern and southern parts of the country have also suffered significant damage. In response, the Ministry of Education will supervise local governments in campus recovery and disinfection efforts, said Hu.

Taiwan's Orchid Island on Wednesday (Oct. 4) recorded the third-strongest wind gust in world history and the highest ever in Asia during Typhoon Koinu, according to the Central Weather Administration (CWA). As Typhoon Koinu's storm circle enveloped Taitung County's Orchid Island at 9:53 p.m., the Orchid Island weather station measured a gust of 95.2 meters per second or 342.72 kph, exceeding level 17, the top of the Beaufort scale.

1 dead, 356 injured in Taiwan by Typhoon Koinu
Sidewalk in Nantou County's Ren'ai Township washed away by floodwaters. (CNA photo)