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Parents of 7-year-old boy injured by sailboat plead case to Taiwan media

Sailboat accident leaves young boy badly injured, but police say sailor was not driving drunk

Police become embroiled in sailing accident involving young boy. (CNA photo) 

Police become embroiled in sailing accident involving young boy. (CNA photo) 

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The parents of a 7-year-old boy who was struck by a sailboat in the waters off Fulong Beach on Aug. 12 appealed to the media on Wednesday (Sept. 27), alleging that police did not process the case in an appropriate manner, per CNA.

The parents claimed that the sailor, surnamed Zhang (詹), who is also the head of the Fulong Sailing Club, had consumed alcohol prior to the accident, which caused the boy to suffer multiple injuries to the head, chest, and abdomen. However, the New Taipei Ruifang Police Precinct said the sailor's blood alcohol content (BAC) did not meet drunk driving standards.

The boy's parents said that police did not take the initiative to immediately conduct a breathalyzer test, instead moving to a small room where they privately discussed the matter with the sailor. After the parents insisted, a breathalyzer test was administered to the sailor, and it was confirmed that he had been drinking alcohol, they said.

Inside the precinct, police reportedly had to separate the parents from the sailor to prevent escalating a potential conflict. They also noted the boy's parents were very emotional, preventing police from issuing documentation regarding the processing of the case.

The police said that the case would be handled in accordance with the law.