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8 NT$10 million Special Prizes in latest Taiwan receipt lottery unclaimed

5 winning receipts for NT$2 million Grand Prize also yet to be redeemed

(Taiwan News image)

(Taiwan News image)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — There are eight NT$10 million (US$311,000) Special Prize winners and five NT$2 million Grand Prize winners who have yet to redeem their receipts for the most recent edition of the Taiwan receipt lottery.

As the winning numbers for the receipt lottery are set to be announced on Monday (Sept. 25), the Ministry of Finance (MOF) on Friday (Sept. 22) said there are still eight unclaimed Special Prizes and five unclaimed Grand Prizes from the May-June round that are still within the redemption period, per CNA. The public is reminded to redeem their winning receipts before Nov. 6.

The finance ministry said that of the eight unclaimed Special Prizes, who spent the least and won the most was a consumer who paid a NT$58 delivery fee for a Foodpanda order. Another winner bought two bowls of noodles for NT$120 at Ay-Chung Flour-Rice Noodle, a famous eatery on Emei Street in Taipei City's Wanhua District.

A winning customer bought cigarettes for NT$122 at the FamilyMart convenience store on Zhixing Road in Taipei City's Beitou District. There was also a lucky person who paid a NT$442 gas fee from The Great Taipei Gas Corporation.

The remaining four unclaimed Special Prizes include a customer who spent NT$85 on food at the 7-Eleven on Wenchang Road in Taichung City's Wuqi District, a driver who spent NT$301 on diesel fuel at the CPC gas station on Zhongxing Road in Kaohsiung City's Yanchao District; a person who paid NT$800 for a delivery from Taiwan Pelican Express; and a shopper who spent NT$820 at Japan Medical on Lin'an Road in Tainan City's North District.

Among the five receipts that have yet to be redeemed for the Grand Prize include an NT$268 receipt from, an NT$20 purchase of fresh food at a 7-Eleven on Fude 1st Road in Taoyuan City's Bade District, and an NT$64 food purchase receipt from a 7-Eleven on Xinke Road in Taichung City's Xitun District. Also listed is a NT$45 beverage receipt from TEA'S beverage shop on Wenhuaroad in Chiayi City's East District and a NT$105 receipt for papaya milk purchased at the Bei Hui Papaya Milk beverage shop on Rehe 1st St in Kaohsiung City's Sanmin District.