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Foxconn founder Terry Gou picks actress for running mate for Taiwan presidential bid

Tammy Darshana Lai played role in 'Wave Makers' drama credited with sparking #MeToo in Taiwan

Terry Gou (left) stands with running mate Lai Pei-hsia.

Terry Gou (left) stands with running mate Lai Pei-hsia. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Foxconn founder Terry Gou (郭台銘) on Thursday (Sept. 14) morning announced an actress as his running mate for the 2024 presidential election.

Gou said his running mate is 60-year-old actress Tammy Darshana Lai (賴佩霞), who played the role of President Lin Yue-zheng (林月真) in "Wave Makers," a TV drama credited with sparking the #MeToo movement in Taiwan, reported Liberty Times. Chen Chang-fen (陳嫦芬), who was previously rumored to be one of Gou's possible picks for vice president also attended the event.

Gou said many people are familiar with Lai. He said those who are older remember Lai for singing with Taiwanese entertainer He Yi-hang (賀一航), while those who are a bit younger may know Lai as a spiritual mentor who promotes the mind-body-spirit movement and advocates for non-violent communication.

Those who are even younger may know Lai as President Lin Yue-zheng in "Wave Makers," said Gou. He said Lai is a promoter of women's empowerment and a dedicated worker in pursuit of peace and physical and spiritual well-being.

Gou said that Lai was his only choice for running mate when he decided to run. He said he would rely on Lai's female perspective to create a more equitable and balanced gender culture in Taiwan.

He pledged to leverage Lai's expertise in mind-body-spirit to foster a peaceful and compassionate society in Taiwan. Gou said he will also rely on Lai's communication skills to build a consensus within Taiwanese society, aiming to transform Taiwan from a place marked by internal strife and conflict into a united and stronger nation.

Gou said that this election is crucial to the future development of Taiwan. He said that as a seasoned entrepreneur with nearly 50 years of industry experience, he along with Lai, "an excellent and all-round writer and spiritual mentor," did not carry any political baggage.

He that they are deeply aware of the needs of the people and have a strong desire to serve them. Gou said that together, they form the most powerful combination and will bring a fresh and new perspective to Taiwan.

Gou then declared: "We will definitely win in 2024, Go Taiwan, long live the Republic of China!"