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Defense ministry denies Chinese nuclear sub accident in Taiwan Strait

Taiwan military says no evidence to indicate Chinese nuclear submarine crash

MND denies rumors of Chinese submarine sinking. (CNA photo) 

MND denies rumors of Chinese submarine sinking. (CNA photo) 

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Speaking at a regularly scheduled press conference in Taipei at 10 a.m. Tuesday (Aug. 22), Ministry of National Defense (MND) spokesperson Sun Li-fang (孫立方) said military intelligence and surveillance did not detect any evidence of a Chinese submarine crash near the Taiwan Strait, per UDN.

In recent days, social media platforms such as X (formerly known as Twitter) have been rife with rumors that a Chinese Type 093 (Shang-class) nuclear-powered attack submarine had an accident in the Taiwan Strait, killing everyone aboard.

According to Sun, there has been no information corroborating the sinking of a Chinese submarine. He added that no other authorities, such as their Chinese counterparts, have issued a statement on the matter.

The MND is actively engaged in surveillance and reconnaissance missions and carefully monitors all of the dynamics of the sea and airspace around the Taiwan Strait, according to Sun. He said the MND had no further comment on the rumors.