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Taiwan bans cherries from 4 US producers

Repeated violations prompt 1-month import ban on select producers

Cherries from 4 U.S. producers face 1-month ban. (FDA photo) 

Cherries from 4 U.S. producers face 1-month ban. (FDA photo) 

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwan’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced on Tuesday (Aug. 22) that 11 batches of cherries imported from the U.S. were found to be in violation of food safety standards for prohibited pesticide residues.

Fresh cherries from the U.S. have frequently violated FDA regulations. The recent investigation by the FDA found cherries to contain the pesticide mefentrifluconazole, which is permitted for use on some produce like cucumbers but banned for use on cherries in Taiwan, per SETN.

The FDA said this year 33 batches of U.S. cherries, or approximately 6,000 tons, have failed to meet food safety requirements. The latest finding led FDA Deputy Director Lin Chin-fu (林金富) to announce a month-long ban on four U.S. cherry producers.

Lin said the FDA wrote to the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) on Monday (Aug. 21) indicating four major U.S. cherry producers: BV Farms, Chelan Fresh Marketing, Gebbers Farms, and Northern Fruit Company were found to use prohibited pesticides.

In addition to impounding the shipments, the FDA has suspended cherry imports from the four above-mentioned U.S. cherry producers from Aug. 21 to Sept. 20, 2023.

The FDA also wrote a letter to the AIT, requesting an explanation before Sept. 5. It also called on domestic importers and exporters to comply with domestic regulations for imported products.