Pan African drum show is on stage at Bliss.

"When Ballet meets Tchaikovsky" will run from August 3 to 12 in Taipei.

August 3 to 5
When Ballet meets Tchaikovsky is on stage from August 3 to 5. at City Stage, Taipei Cultural Center台北城市舞台 (25 Pa-Te Rd. Sec. 3, Taipei.台北市八德路三段25號; Tel 02- 2577-5931) , In Taiwan, there are several ballet schools and small companies. One of the better known is the Taipei Chamber Ballet, which presents annual summer performances choreographed by Yu Neng-sheng (余能盛), the artistic director of Landestheater Coburg in Germany. Yu Neng-sheng, world-renowned ballet dancer-turned-choreographer, returns from Europe to direct the ballet performance When Ballet meets Tchaikovsky (當芭蕾邂逅柴可夫斯基), which he choreographed especially for the Taipei Chamber Ballet. Being a world-class ballet dancer who has devoted his career to ballet for the past 20 years in Europe, Yu, now retired from the stage, is currently the vice artistic director of ballet at the Opernhaus Graz in Austria . Joining Yu’s lead, many well-known Taiwanese dancers currently dancing with European ballet troupes, including former members of the Taipei Chamber Ballet, Jiang Qiu-e (蔣秋娥) and Xie Ming-hong (謝明宏), will be returning to Taiwan for this tour around the island. The performance will consist of an international-level roster of Taiwanese dancers from different generations and ballet schools from around the world. The entire repertoire is based on the music of Tchaikovsky, to which the physical movement on the stage corresponds and reacts. The choreographer adapts some of the most moving excerpts from Tchaikovsky’s favorites and explores the sentimental yet joyful character of Tchaikovsky’s melodies. Excerpts are taken from: Serenade for small orchestra (1872), Piano Concerto No.1 (1875), and Symphony No.4 (1877). The 2-hour production represent’s Yu’s experiment with opera music combined with his own inimitable ballet style. To enhance the ballet with a central-European flavor, foreign guest dancers are incorporated into the performance. Dancers include Bajari Levente, the principal dancer, and Pazar Krisztina, a soloist of the Hungarian National Ballet, Ardee Dionisio, a soloist of the Graz Opera House, Austria and Daniel Cimpean, a soloist of the Darmstadt Staatstheater, Germany. Tickets are NT$100 –NT$1200 and are available through Arts Ticket.
August 4
Pan African Cultural Troupe’s Pan African drum show is on stage on August 4 at 9:30p.m. at Bliss (No. 148, Sec. 4, Xin-Yi Rd. Taipei 台北信義路4段148號; Tel: 02- 2702-1855) Pan African plays a lively drum-based musical selection of African songs with Caribbean rhythms and their wicked rhythm and dance troupe assault your sense with their traditional and intoxicated beats that keep you begging for more. They have professional drummers, dancers, singing & acrobatic. They are good at Adowa, Hi-Life, Kpanlongo, Ayaya, Jook Jook, Wicked Day, Reggae/ Dancehall, Hip Pop etc. Ben Stobite Sampson is a thoughtful and enterprising businessman from Ghana, who saw the need for cultural understanding on his travels around Asia as an import-export businessman. Pan Africana mission is to share the joy, passion, and energy of music and dance with audiences in Taiwan and the rest of the Asian countries. The group is made of West Africa and Caribbean who have a deep love and respect for culture and music. Pan Africana performs at shows and special events in Taiwan. Area of Northern, Southern Eastern and Western. The combination of live drumming synchronized with high-energy dance creates a dynamic show that audiences love. Bliss is close to the intersection of DunHwa South Rd. and Xin-Yi Rd. It is on the south side of Xin-Yi Rd., just one small block east of DunHwa. (Website: http://bliss-taipei.com) Admission is NT$300 (1 free drink included)