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Typhoon Khanun departs Taiwan, 2 new typhoons could soon form

Meteorologist says two different typhoons could form next week

Two new typhoons could form in next 7 days. (Facebook, Chia Hsin-hsing image)

Two new typhoons could form in next 7 days. (Facebook, Chia Hsin-hsing image)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — WeatherRisk Director Chia Hsin-hsing (賈新興) said the latest weather information indicates two separate typhoons could form in the next seven days, per PTS.

This comes as Typhoon Khanun slowly moves away from Taiwan, though its outer periphery has led to a strong southwestern airflow, bringing heavy rain to southern mountainous areas.

In a Facebook post on Sunday (August 6), Chia noted that only six tropical storms or typhoons formed from January to August 5. Typically, around eight typhoons are generated in the January to July period. Furthermore, August can be a peak time for typhoon formation, midway through the typhoon season (July-Sept.), with some 5.5 typhoons forming during this month annually on average.

Meteorologist Daniel Wu (吳德榮) said a weather simulation by the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) on Wednesday (August 9) indicates Tropical Storm Lan, the seventh storm of the year, could form in the southeastern Sea of Japan. The probability of it forming is 50% because of its high latitude and distance, with airflow guiding it northward with no chance of impacting Taiwan.